Genetics are the overall determining factor in what causes human to differ from one another. Some people respond to certain workouts, foods, rest periods, etc more than others– and those characteristics aren’t  just towards building muscle; certain foods or sleep patterns can cause a trigger in acne breakouts for example, completely unrelated to the gym.

Genetics are the overall determining factor in what causes human to differ from one another. Things like insulin sensitivity, protein synthesis, total testosterone levels, prominent fat storage in certain areas, etc are what’s important in the grand scheme of things when looking at factors that could alter your progress in the gym. With that being said, genetics will never keep you from reaching your goals. There are people everyday that are born without certain limbs or diseases that greatly cripple their life and still put in the time and effort to reach their goals when compared to the average human being that can’t “put on weight” because he/she has “bad genetics”, most likely he or she is just too lazy to count a single calorie and rather blame it on something else than themselves for being lazy.

Genetic Misconceptions Regarding Muscle Shape

As far as what can’t be changed or achieved, there are a few things that working out and dieting won’t help you with, and that’s muscle shape.

Ever see someone you idolize in the fitness industry and want to look exactly like him/her? Well chances are, that’s almost impossible. Not saying you can’t get to the same weight/body fat/conditioning as them, just that muscle shape plays such a huge role in how “aesthetic” you look once you cut the body fat and since muscle shape is determined at birth, you are more than likely going to look completely different that the goal body you’re going after. You have no idea whether or not you have a 4, 6, or 8-pack of abs hidden under that body fat that can’t be changed, or if you have high/low bicep insertions that alter the look of your arm, or high/low lat insertions that really emphasis a “wider” look that the average guy, and tons other common sought after genetic traits.

I know a lot of this sounds depressing, but it really isn’t if you look at the bigger picture. No matter the shape of your muscles, being a lower body fat is a just something that is valued by everyone. In the end, you may find that you like the way you look compared to those around you or even the ones you looked up to for motivation. You’ll never know unless you get there, and once you actually get there and reach your goals nothing else seems to matter anyways. It’s the ultimate win-win situation.