Eat big, lift big, get big!

In a world obsessed with slim, lean figures, trying to find ways to gain weight may seem odd but the truth is that slim, curvy notion is restricted to women only, even in this age. When it comes to men, broad, firm and muscular builds are what catches the eye.

Gaining weight is important for men because with average looks, you cannot expect a woman to eye you curiously. If your shirt does not stretch over your taut muscles and if your shoulder and thigh muscles do not flex as you move, you are certainly lacking a lot.

So let’s get down to business and take a look at some of the most useful tips for gaining weight!


o   TIP NO. 1: EAT BIG!

Eating is imperative if you want to gain weight fast properly. This implies that you have to consume more calories than you burn, but do not start eating everything within reach. Make weight gaining foods such as nuts, cheese and other protein-rich stuff a part of your mainstream diet. Eat at least six meals each day at regular intervals, but remember weight gain of 2-3 lbs per week is enough. If you are gaining more, it is just fat and no muscle.   


Proper eating is the key, but without proper weight lifting, no matter how well you eat, it is all going to go down the drain. Working out at least three to four times each week is inevitable for weight gain. Focus on exercises that inspire more muscle activity such as squats, military press, chin ups, push-ups and bench press. Exercises are what convert your superfluous calories to muscles. Go for multiple joint lifts, as it will stimulate your body growth.   


Here you need to keep one thing in mind. Not all dietary supplements, with those god-like bodies endorsing them, are effective, and they are not the easy way out. You can resort to these supplements just to make sure that you are not lacking anything your body needs. Do not trust any advertisements that are too good to be true. Before considering one, seek the advice of a reputed nutritionist or instructor to get informed about any side effects. Moreover, the nutritionist or instructor can also advise you on the amount that you should intake.

In short, follow these three simple tips to gain weight and muscle to achieve the look you have always desired!