WWF 2008 postal stamps



2008 - March 2

People's Authority Declaration (31st Anniversary)

l 1 stamp: value 500dh - stamp size mm.52x37 - sheets of 28 stamps

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(text from the official booklet)

On this day the Second of March 1977, it has been promulgated the creation of People's Power and the birth of the First Jamahiriya in history. The Libyans became the first in this world to have and possess the reigns of power in the era of masses where every individual enjoys freedom and the power to take decisions.

The Libyan people feel immense proud while seeing all the surrounding advancements and developments and the brisk movement of building and construction witnessed by the Great Jamahiriya in these days in all fields and levels... We avail ourselves of this occasion to extend our felicitations and best wishes to the promoter of this unprecedented achievement in the history of mankind... and we pledge and undertake before him to proceed in this path, preserve and safeguard it.

This historic date is the beginning for liberating all people from the yoke of dictatorship, despotism, oppression and injustice ... and from all means of traditional governance.

The Libyan people are full of pride and glory because from this pleasant land came the thought and the seed... By the grace of Allah and determination of Brother Leader Muammar Al-Qaddafi, the people's power is materialized, such that no other power but the power of people.

To you, the most cherished men, we reiterate our wishes and glory.

The workers at the General Posts and Telecommunications Company avail themselves on this occasion to present their congratulations to the Great Brother Leader and offer Him this release.


2008 - April 2

Tripoli International Fair (37th Session)

l 3 stamps (x2) in bloc: value 500dh each - stamps size: mm.28x41 - bloc size mm.126x120

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2008 - May 1

W.W.F. World Wide Fund for Nature - "Rueppell's Fox"

l 4 stamps (x2) in bloc: value 750dh each - stamps size: mm.40x30 - bloc size mm.200x100



Grahic designer: Khaled Tabbakh (photos by WWF)



Official First Day of Issue Cover of the Libyan Posts GPTC

Cover size mm.180x120 - Head of the fox is realized with silver embossed foil application

Official special postmark of the Libyan Posts GPTC diameter mm.35


2008 - May 25

The 4th Annual Exhibition for Communication and Information Technology

l 1 stamp: value 1000dh - stamp size mm.37x52 - sheets of 28 stamps



(text from the official booklet)

The Communication and Information Technology Exhibition yearly organized by the General Posts, Communications and Telecommunications Company constitutes the main event in Libya in the Communication and Information Technology field.

The fourth Communication and Information Technology Exhibition aims at:

- Getting in touch with the most recent Technology in the field of posts, communications and information Technology.

- Introducing world producing companies and international services institutions.

- Familiarizing citizens with services rendered by the General Posts, Communications and Telecommunications Company and affiliates as well as with their future plans and projects.

The exhibition is also considered as a good occasion to improve company importers data basis and to open registration to new companies.

The perspective view of the General Posts, Communications and Telecommunications Company results from its permanent attempt to get in touch and to interact with its customers, shareholders and partners in order to secure all kinds of services and communications solutions that deserve to be adopted with competitive prices.


Designer: Khaled Tabbakh


2008 - July 23

The 56th Anniversary of 23rd of July Revolution (Gamel A. Nasser)

l 1 stamp: value 500dh - stamp size mm.37x52 - sheets of 28 stamps



Designer: Khaled Tabbakh


2008 - July 27

Al Gathafi Mediterranean Project 6+6

l 1 stamp: value 750dh - stamp size mm.52x37 - sheets of 28 stamps



(text from the official booklet)

Nowadays, some statements are common talking on the so-called Mediterranean Union Project and 5+5.. what are they?? Tees without crossing! Within the speech by Leader Muammer Al-Gathafi; leader of Great Al-fateh Revolution, in the 10th Anniversary of establishing Assembly of Coast & Desert Countries in Africa, he crossed the tees saying: "I support such idea, provided that such Assembly shall embrace only those countries neighboring the Mediterranean Sea from Africa and Europe, to be connector between the African & European Unions. As for Asia, it is another continent neighboring this sea from the west, and it suffers from conflicts and problems among Kurds, Turkish, Palestinians, Israelis, Lebanese, Syrians & Jordanians. Consequently; it is a region not eligible that we sit with in the Mediterranean".

He stressed objections of this project whose name has been changed to be (Union for the Mediterranean)... emphasizing that we never accept that North Africa to be embraced to the European Union which never permit Southern Europe to enter any frames out of European Union. He drew attention that if they would submit map of Roman Empire which is colonizing one, then we also have our own maps to submit. Besides: he explained that the map of empires Aghlabis, Carthage, Ottomans & Fatemise were extending to entire Europe, namely; even Cecile, Rodus, Marseille, Corsica, Sardinia, Lambidosa, Fentalatia & Spain, all subordinate to us. He drew attention that (Union for the Mediterranean) is a new repetition of the failed Barcelona.

He reiterated that in the time we conserve good relations with France, Italy, Spain, Portugal & Malta neighboring the Mediterranean, and stick to 5+5 which we suggested to be 6+6 by embracing Egypt and Greece and welcome cooperation with only Africa and Europe as unions, we oppose parting Africa and attaching its North to Europe; we never allow this, nor work in this task. He then emphasized the necessity that such attitude must be clear before the peoples of North Africa and Europe.


Designer: Khaled Tabbakh


2008 - August 3

10th Regular Session of Leaders and Heads of States of the CEN-SAD

l 1 stamp: value 1000dh - stamp size mm.37x52 - sheets of 28 stamps



(text from the official booklet)

Leader Muammer Al-Gathafi, leader of Great Al-fateh Revolution, Chairman of Council of the Assembly Chairmanship, opened works of the 10th round of Council of Headship of Coast & Desert Countries Assembly in Africa, which synchronized with the 10th anniversary of establishing the Assembly, by a speech in which he sent important messages to Africa & the world, and announced new activities relating to life of peoples of such Assembly.

He reviewed the so huge potentials possessed by this Assembly, especially the world is horrified nowadays where we hear cries of increases in prices of raw materials, foodstuffs & fuels, as well as spread of diseases and climatic phenomenon. He demonstrated the climatic privileges of the desert region which disciplines assured that it will enjoy the best climatology.

In addition, he declared a mechanical agricultural campaign to release from Libya to modernize means of agricultural production within space of the Assembly from African horn to Guinea, whereas hundreds of tractors will release to areas ready to plough within the Assembly, to plough on behalf of peasants who use primitive means nowadays. He stressed that such campaign will provide food by which the Assembly people will overcome fear from the world-striking food shortage, and Libya is preparing by now an air and land capacity to fight pests and locusts.

In a new activity relating to people life, the Leader announced a good news to the Assembly peoples; Libya Investment Fund will invest amounts of billions in the Assembly.


Designer: Khaled Tabbakh


2008 - August 18

Libyan Participation in Beijing Olympic Games 2008

l 1 stamp: value 1000dh - stamp size mm.37x52 - sheets of 28 stamps



Designers: Eng. Mohamed Trabelsi - Khaled Tabbakh


2008 - September 1

1st September Revolution (39th Anniversary)

l 1 stamp: value 1000dh - stamps size mm.28x41 - sheets of 50 stamps

l 1 souvenir-sheet: value 1000dh - s/s size mm.130x164

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2008 - September 11

Libya Mobile Telephone Network

l 1 stamp: value 750dh - stamp size mm.37x52 - sheets of 28 stamps


2008 - September 23

The Fourth International Waatasemu Women Competition for Memorizing the Holy Koran

l 1 stamp: value 750dh - stamp size mm.37x52 - sheets of 28 stamps


2008 - September 26

Exhibition of the Holy Quran Book

l 1 stamp: value 500dh - stamp size mm.37x52 - sheets of 28 stamps



(text from the official booklet)

Based on the interesting and careful provided by Great Alfateh Revolution, and its Leader Moammer Al Gathafi, Leader of International People's Islamic Leadership, to the Holy Book, the people who memorize the Holy Koran, Minaret, and Koran teaching schools disseminated all over the Great Jamahiriya.

On the occasion of the lapsing of quarter of a century from the date when the Brother Leader Moammer Al Gathafi wrote the word from Koran (and the people) in Jamahiriya Koran on the seventh day of June 1983, when the idea came, which was the first idea of such type, to establish an exhibition for the Holy Book Koran, to contain more than 1000 books at the exhibition hall, which were issued by official institutions, by well known publishing houses in a number of Arabic and Islamic countries in all over the world, the organization of such exhibition comes as a contribution by the General Book Board, International Islamic Call Society, General Board for Endowments and Alms and General Board for Fairs, in their interesting in the Holy Koran, which never been falsified.

The exhibition aims to define the different ways of reciting the Holy Koran, its calligraphies, ornaments, volumes, publications, languages translated to, historical manuscripts of the Holy Koran, calligraphers, phases of copying and development of printing the written and oral Holy Koran, also it aims to encourage the youth to be committed to their Islamic religion, to be aware of their duties towards their doctrine, to disseminate the good message of Islam, also the exhibition includes lectures, soirees for religious chant and scientific conference about history of Koran, inimitability matter, and Koran language and style, Koran and human culture.


Designer: Khaled Tabbakh




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